Tuesday, March 25, 2014

World Premiere of The Myk & Tony Show's new single Double Dare You b/w Pulp Fiction


- For Immediate Release

Underground powerhouse, Mykill Miers, one of Los Angeles’ most revered lyricists

is embarking on a collaborative album with his protege Tony Clifton titled ‘Sick

Cinema’ this July.

A bold, mature release; ‘Sick Cinema’ is a vision of Mykill Miers to not only allow

some shine to be placed on Tony Clifton, but a project that has been a vision of his

for several years. An opportunity for his sidekick Tony Clifton to go from a relative

unknown on the scene, to cut his teeth and earn his respect.

With the impending release of ‘Sick Cinema’, Mykill Miers has enlisted the talents of

Prince Po, Rasco of Cali Agents fame and the likes of savvy veteran Toquan The MC.

Sick Cinema also features the Turn Table assassins DJ Johnny Juice of Public Enemy,

DJ Crown from the universal powerhouse group Tha Grimreaperz to bring the project

to life.                                   

The undeniable lead single ‘Double Dare You’ which Mykill Miers and DJ Crown

produced, is the perfect introduction to ‘Sick Cinema’, and captures the intensity and

conviction of the Carson California Hiphop veteran, and his Long Beach California

protege. ‘Pulp Fiction’ produced by Mykill Miers himself, serves as the perfect

companion track, and in turn captures The Myk & Tony Shows’ true underground

appeal in a way not many other Cali emcees dare venture to.

Mykill Miers has, throughout his career, continued to grow and evolve pushing his

music to fans from a grass roots level via his company ‘Abnormal Media Group, INC’

and various mediums from Television commercials to film score work. His ability to

translate emotion and intricate story telling within the confines of the corporate world

as well as the diverse spectrum of Hiphop, has enabled Mykill Miers to embrace a

legion of fans around the world and maintain a respectable career that has taken him

around the world.

‘Sick Cinema’ is a welcome return to Hiphop’s renaissance, with a modern and mature

take on the traditional formula of raw beats and rhymes, Tony Clifton and Mykill

Miers are seasoned veterans that solidify their place in the halls of West Coast Hiphop


For More Information, Please Contact: Walasia Noor Shabazz (707) 633-8818

ogaudiohustle@gmail.com. Mykill Miers Musick/Abnormal Media Group, INC (866)

750-1733 www.m4promo.com

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