Friday, January 13, 2012

I Love The 80's Baby! and other releases

Peace party people. I am set to release my mixtape/album (I really don't like the term mixtape anymore) I Love The 80's Baby! January 31st. It will be available on, and Also physical copies will be available as well via those sites I just listed.

Future projects that will be released this year are as follows: The Apocalypse (European EP) produced by Mindefeederz. This will feature some incredible artist, I don't want to name drop yet, but it will be something to check for. Also this year the long awaited Western HemisFear reunion album titled, The Coastguards should drop Fall 2012. My solo full length tentatively titled Mykilluminati Presents The New Word Order, looking to release this by years end.

Also be on the lookout for another Next of Kin album soon as well. I'm doing some collaborations with Declaime and Georgia Ann Muldrew this year the project should be bananas, stay tuned for that.

Hope you all enjoy my blog holla atcha boy. Talk to me I'll talk back


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