Friday, November 20, 2015

Collaborations & Features

I have been pretty fortunate throughout my career to collaborate with some of Hip Hop's greats. I got to record in the world famous D&D Studios, in DJ Premier's room with Bumpy Knuckles & AG. I worked with Rakaa Iriscience of the mighty Dilated Peoples twice. Planet Asia twice,  Chali Tuna & Akil from the legendary Jurassic 5. To Will I Am from the Black Eye Peas to the Legendary Chuck D. From Opio from Souls of Mischief to Prince Po of Organized confusion, from Aceyalone to Sadat X,  it is an amazing feeling to work with people who you looked up to and idolized as a youth to be contemporaries with as an adult. These features weren't just random people that I paid to rap on my albums, these were people i meet in passing or have toured with,  cyphered with or sat on planes and tour buses with. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did working with them.

2 fingers 1 love

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