Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Second Coming turns 15 years old today

On October 30, 2001 I dropped my second album The Second Coming. This wasn't a biblical analogy as much as it was a play on words because my first album was called It's Been A Long Time Coming. Most of the songs I wrote while on the road touring my first album. My then DJ the late great Tarek Captan better known as DJ Dusk gave me the confidence to even do a second record. 2001 post 911 the music business was starting to shift. Vinyl wasn't selling like had done previously and CDJ's were the thing of the future. I recorded the album in 2 weeks so we can make the deadline and have it released by 10/30. It was also the day Michael Jackson released his album Invincible and Michael Jordan made his debut with the Washington Wizards. It was called the day the Michaels returned. I know corny right lol. This album will forever remain near and dear to my heart. One I wanted to answer the critics, two it was all my own idea from the artwork to all the songs picked on the album. Lastly, it would be the last time I worked with DJ Dusk professionally. I miss my dude. 15 year it still holds up. Thanks for those who have support this project and my career the past 20 plus years. One day I can tell my kids I was one of the cool kids back in the day. lol

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