Sunday, October 22, 2017

The 40 Year Old Virgin Soundtrack #mykillmiers #40yearoldvirgin

I can remember this accomplishment like it was yesterday. I got called in by a friend because they needed a rapper to write for an Old Navy commercial. That commercial ended up being a remake of sorts of Young MC's Bust A Move called Bust A Tunic. I know mad corny, but I got a cool grand for just showing up. To my surprise MC Lyte would walk into the studio to record the verse I wrote. Before leaving they asked if I wanted to do this song for this movie that was about to come out. Of course I said yes. The scene in the movie was when they had the baby shower get together at the club just after Andy has the fight with his girl and gets wasted at said club. Who knew I'd still be getting royalties to this day.#MyRandomMusicCareer

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