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Mykill Miers is a hip hop artist, producer/songwriter, cultural organizer and political theorist from Carson, California.

Graduated from Cal State Dominguez University (Carson, California)

Mykill Miers is an artist, organizer and author that is based out of the Fontana in California.
He has been engaged in making music since he was 17 years old and has been involved with education and social movements since he was 20. 
His first professional position was a Special Education teacher at Henry Clay Middle School from 1996-2003. As an artist, Mykill Miers has performed all over the world and shared the stage with such acts as The Black Eyed Peas Zion-I, Xzibit, Wu Tang Clan, Nas, Jurassic 5, Public Enemy and many others. 
He has participated in numerous local and national events including The Voice Awards with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services and Administration, Occupy Skid Row, The Nation Alliance of Mental Illness, Autism Speaks, the Los Angeles County of Probation, Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, Los Angeles County Office of Education and the Los Angeles County of Juvenile Court Health Services. 
 In 2006 he created a pilot program for juveniles detained with Mental Health issues called the Enhanced Supervision Unit. In 2011 he created a program for youth who are detained with developmental disabilities. 
Mykill is also affiliated with Hip Hop Congress and the Universal Zulu Nation.

As a producer Mykill has produced and written jingles for Old Navy, Burger King, Nissan, Nintendo, Play Station, EA Sports to name a few. Mykill Miers has also produced and written songs featured on several major motion picture soundtracks.

A well known advocate for incorporating Hip Hop culture into Education and youth programs, Miers has taught workshops and teach-ins at schools all over the southern California area - from elementary schools to colleges - on a variety of topics including the origins of hip hop and organizing and activism in hip hop culture.

Mykill Miers services consist of:


Public Speaking on a variety of topics, including Hip Hop and Education

Consultation for up and coming artist (Publishing, internet distribution)

Website Consultation/Internet Branding (M4 Promotions)

Demo Production

Graphic Design (Abnormal Media Group)

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