Thursday, March 16, 2017

Great conversation

Had a conversation with some young brothers last night that really have me an insight on how impactful my music had been. As an artist I just stay the course. I write from three places. A place of pain,  a vent or  to give perspective. When I was recording my first record I was just frustrated that I had gotten some notoriety from the Wake Up Show but wasn't getting the same opportunities as my contemporaries. So It's Been a Long Time Coming was aptly titled that our of that frustration. I was recording those songs for the people who knew me, the people I grew up with. I had no idea that people outside of tiny ass Carson California was even checking for this album. Little did I know doing promo the further I got away from California the more people seemed to like the music. It was on the heels of the East coast west coast issue so the fact that most people thought I was from the east coast I always took as a compliment. Disregard the fact that I had on a LA Dodgers jersey lol. 😜 This conversation I had with these two men,  who at the time of my first album release were 17 respectively was so powerful it's given me a greater perspective of who I am as an artist and who I am as a man. If you would have told me on March 16, 2000 that 17 years later people would still be downloading my album and considering it a classic there was a good chance I would have punched you in the mouth. Lol. Because of your support and the support of so many around the globe, i have been able to see things and experience things most people dream of. Superbowl commercials, movie soundtracks, TV shows all because of support from people like these two men that did me a favor last night.  So with that said Victor Urena and Armando Urena Jr. I thank you. Anything you ever need from me just call.

2 fingers 1 luv

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