Saturday, March 14, 2020

20 Year Anniversary of Its Been A Long Time Coming

20 years ago today my debut album It's Been A Long Time Coming was released commercial worldwide. The music industry was different then. My single Wanna Be An Emcee featuring Freddie Foxxx was charting on billboard and we had bus ads and TV commercials on local television. It was all a blur back then. The day it was released I was in Ogden Utah for a show. I didn't even know they listened to underground hip hop there. I was Kool Keith at the time and he was giving me game about how we can turn this underground thing into a cash cow. 

I didn't know at the time, the importance this record, this time in my life would have on my livelihood going forward. I wish I had capture more of that time on film. I also had no idea at the time that this record would be flying off the shelves in Europe. I was part of an era of music that shaped the lives of millions of people. I may not get the notoriety of some of my contemporaries but I was there, I look back at the impact and couldn't be more proud. Thank you to all those who supported this record. As a young hip hop fan I hope my contributions were meaningful. I have been fortunate enough to still be around this long. Thank you guys for that. #mykillmiers #20yearanniversaryIBALTC

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