Tuesday, December 29, 2020

New Album Michael Chapter 1 set to be released this January

At the beginning of Covid-19 I started writing ideas for a new album. At the time my focus was to finish my It's Been a Long Time Coming 20 Year Anniversary Remix Tape. A mix of videos and a tour was in the works. The pandemic cancelled a lot of the plans an ideas I had and I really wasn't sure if music was my thing anymore. Then the Ahmad Auberry tape was released, then Sean Reid, the George Floyd. I became angry and upset. These feelings and emotions usually send me to creative powers, even to only to vent. Then Breonna Taylor happened and an idea to record an album seem relevant. So for 40 straight days I would produce and I would write. So the idea to release 40 songs was born. As I started to turn these ideas and lines into full songs and concepts, most were angry rants. Me venting about the ills of society and the ignorance of racism. As lines turned into songs some sounded like the last song. So I had to really focus and be precise with my anger like I have always done. So as producers would send me beats and musicians would send me chords, horns, strings, synths and instruments ideas became reality. So I'd go into the studio on a mission to complete these demos and see how these ideas sounded outside of my head. I record a lot. It is part of my process. Everything either sounds amazing in my head or I am not sure how good it is until I record it. So recording sessions due to COVID became like therapy sessions. Me talking to track and the engineer and I listening back giving feedback. During this time of social distancing, I had to be deliberate in how much time I spent away from people. Even the engineer and I were never really in close proximity so things were a bit weird. I started recording in October and finished 47 songs in 4 different recording sessions. Out of the 47 songs 33 will be released. With a series of skits for album intros and 1 album outro. 

I did not want to be repetitive on this record. I didn't want a whole lot of politically driven songs and a few other songs mashed together. I also didn't want a whole album of typical Mykill jams either. The features on this album were deliberate. While I was writing I listened to a lot of Tristate. Someone who I have known for years and we always talked about working together and just never did. Born Allah was another collaboration that sort of organically happened. As much of you know, Born and I have been down since the beginning of my career. For a while he was featured on every record I released. So it was only right that we got together again. Before he passed, Meen Green spoke about a Western HemisFear reunion. Although, I was reluctant, I decided to be a part of it. We talked about doing new music but he passed before we could make that a reality. So the songs with he and Vooodu were songs we did years earlier when we attempted the first HemisFear reunion. I felt that these tunes stood the test of time and it was only right that Green be a part of this album. 

I hope you guys listen to it and enjoy it.  This is most likely my last recorded album of new music. I do have a plan to release a 20 year anniversary of The Second Coming coming next October but I have other passions these days and would like to give me sole attention and focus to those things. It has been a crazy ride. I appreciate each and everyone of you that have been a part of this ride, either from the beginning or midway through. Whenever you entered the train, thanks for staying aboard. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to hear from you all and the appreciation you have for my music. 

Peace and love

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